May 31, 2004
you're standing there alone and so am i.


awww it's zakary ann and i with funny faces on!

hey hottie... rock that body!

whoa. she's not so grungy after all.

silly emma closes her eyes too much.  the crew minus a few. plus a couple.

whoa make a post card.

so prom was a super fun diddly time.  thanks for coming jenn benn emma alice aaron! and you too zakary.  and petey pff you were going anyways. 

we had a great time boogy-woogy-ing. and then they all stayed over at the house here we all slept in the living room in front of the labyrinth.. good movie too tired though. and today zakary and i hung out all day in jammies and tried to work on my tan! what a nice weekend. i love you all. more pictures to follow later probably.

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May 29, 2004
woah oh oh. woah oh oh.

that's supposed to be in the tune of the ataris song... if you knew that you're just awesome. probably only alice will know it. anyways. so much has been going on, end of the year hectic-ness.  we had a show tonight which kind of sucked, we played ok but i had to run the soundboard and set up the whole pa and tear down most of it... it was stupid. and i'm not good at it, and blah.  i didn't get to hang out with people because i was busy the entire time alone dealing with the mixer! stupid machines.  blah blah the monica beast is exactly that.  zak made me a necklace though! it has bright pink bunnies on it! he was quite the popular little one at the bead table... making people necklaces left and right.  and last night he crimped my hair, because he loves me. i think.  the prom is sunday so that's exciting.  i'm wicked wiped tired craazy tired, so i'm going to go to bed.  i'll update later about the awesome junior class lip sync. it was good. it was fun.  next year we will come up with something even better, just wait and see. woooo!  i love you all, and i wish you were in my bed with me now. 

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May 23, 2004
i've smuggled myself into new nationalities

what a long long but short short weekend.  kristina and her family came from germany, we've spent a lot of time together this weekend. it was nice. i really want to go back to germany now.  or just anywhere good for a vacation.  i stayed up way too late last night, and spent all day today being exhausted.  oh well. tomorrow is pajama day at school.  my outfit will be wonderful oh yes. oh yes.  i wonder if you could see your life years from now, if that would ruin the time in between.  if i could see the future... i don't think i'd want to.  nothing ever has a good enough ending.  the lines are always too hazy.  there's always much more to say.  i know i'll never say it.  i never say what i'm thinking, i never think what i'm saying means anything. it's an endless circle.  good thing i know the path.... blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate talking like that, it's all stupid. i hate when my mind works like that, being so i don't even know the word for what i'm trying to say.   i don't like these days when it seems like you're watching everything but it's all just rolling past you. you don't take anything in. your eyes are just not closed... they aren't open... just not closed. this was going to be a silly little blah update.... stop thinking start being.

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May 17, 2004
i'd probly' say that you've been on my mind.

hm. i never update this do-hicky. 
so i'll make a list because that's just neato.

1.) I can't wait for school to be over.

2.) last night zak and christopher and i went to a see piebald, the jealous sound, the format, and avoid one thing in manchvegas. at the was a very sketchy creepy nasty trailer parkish club.  the soundboard was run by a gun named surge.  he had a mullet, and a shirt with the sleeves cut off, and a leather vest.... and A GUN! oh my! but it was a really really good show.  and amy from avoid one thing inspired me. she's seems really neat.  and she's from portsmouth. not that that matters. but it was a good show, i enjoyed it very much. 

3.) we got an email from some management agency from boston.... but they said "just surrender needs work in the production area..." so they can suck a huge gigantic std smothered cock because steve is the MAN! and we won't tolerate anyone talking shit about our homie.

4.) we have a purevolume account. so go get the song.

5.) i still can't make this frigging mix tape for johanna... her birthday was lassst monday, and i still have yet to give her her present... so i am officially the douchiest friend. (at least i'm still tryying.)

6.) my house is starting to look awesome! because hooves is cleaning yay!!!!!

7.) my german friend kristina is coming on friday... whoa.

8.) we played a show friday.. that's where that picture is from. 

9.) we have no shows scheduled... NONE. so ahh get us one?

10.) my song of the week is really stuck in my head... the clapping is just infectious.

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May 10, 2004
tonya harding





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May 8, 2004
it's a clandestine arangement we never could get to stick.

i want to be all elegant like her.  but that's not the point.  today i went to the lake for the first time this year.  it was cold, but really pretty.  i like it at this time of year because it's still. when you ride in the boat, the engine is so loud that it tunes everything else out, and you just think.  my uncle has a beautiful wooden boat, and sometimes he and i go out for "moonlight cruises" as he calls them, and we just ride along and don't talk at all.  those little trips have produced some of the most beautiful scenes in my memory.  the water is like glass, and the sunsets are beautiful. well those are beautiful all summer long, but the water is the best part.  no wonder my parents got married.  that water could make anyone fall in love. 

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May 4, 2004
long nights

this has been the longest day ever. i'm finally home to stay.  i left here at 7:20, went to school went to the track meet which started at 4 and went to 7:40, got home at 8:30 left immediately for the hospital with my mom.  she thought she was having a heart attack. so tubbs and i waited around there while they did all kinds of testy things for 2 and a half hours, and she's fine. no heart attack, just weird rhythm high blood pressure etc.  she has to keep getting checked on. and now it's 11:oo.  i am exhausted, and my contacts have melded to my eye balls.  i didn't do any homework.  blargh.  i miss zakary. this week is already mega hectic, i miss vacation. only 5 weeks until summer...
p.s. we're recording this weekend at big lie studios

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i said i minded distance

i miss my little lady

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May 2, 2004
are you hanging on for hope.

the last day of vacation, and my house finally smells like summer.  after three or four days of 80 degree weather will do that.  i hope it lasts, i just noticed that there are little green leaves on the trees outside my windows.  spring always brings that hopefullness, that everything isn't so bad now that the sun stays around till i get tired.  i hate the drowning feeling of january.  only four more weeks of school i think.  everything starts rolling again in may. we're recording next weekend, we got ngf pins, we're writing better music.  i just might get a tan... yeah we all know how likely that is.  i dyed my hair. well highlighted it.  i just wanted a little bit lighter brown, but no of course not, it's yellow. thank you hair.  i'm listening to the new amsterdams.  *sigh* i like it a lot.  it's making me all giddy, and quiet.  it could be the weather too.  days like these make me want to embrace the hippy-ness i've inherited from hooves and go sit by a little stream and make a daisy chain, wearing all natural fibers...  i think i'm going to go outside and just "take it all in" for a while.  new hampshire really is a beautiful state.  i've spent most of my years trying as hard as i could to get away from it, and now that that time is actually approaching somewhat, i'm finally realizing how beautiful it is. i know that it's plagued with hicks and mosquitos (they're kind of similar) but the hicks are cool, and the mosquitos are only biting because they have to in order to survive... i want to go to the lake and hang out in the row boat, just like in anne of green gabels.  whoa. you should all read that book.  i love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. make me a daisy chain and i'll love you forever.

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Apr 29, 2004
i should try to be dishonest but i lose.

whoa. gotta love it. i bought girly clothes!! yay!!!! take me on dates!!!! haha jusssst kidding.   whoa... my mom just said "staying with someone you can't stand or have no romantic interest in whatsoever just because you like the house you're living in is not such a good reason"  she was talking about her cousin... but ironic no?

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